Vieweet Hardware

Recommended for Android Phones & Tablets

The Vieweet universal metal rings allows you to place the Vieweet fisheye lens on any smartphone or tablet.

  • Peel-off the back sheet of the metal ring…
  • Stick the metal ring around the center of of the camera lens of the mobile phone, webcam, digital camera....
  • Set the fisheye lens on the metal ring sticked on your device.
The fisheye lens may not fit on some model of mobile phone, for example:
  • Open-close camera shutter type models.
  • Models with the camera lens on the side of the body

The ring is 13mm diameter, some models do not have enough space to stickthe metal ring.

The Vieweet clip for iPad allows you to place the Vieweet fisheye lens on any iPad equipped with a camera.

  • Put the clip on your iPad camera, making sure the metallic ring is centered around the iPad camera.
  • Place the lens directly on the clip (magnetic).
  • Make sure the Vieweet clip and lens are centered over the tablet camera.

  • Place your iPhone inside the Vieweet case.
  • Place the magnetic Vieweet lens over the iPhone case.
  • The iPhone case is provided with a tripod adapter that you can use with any standard tripod (1/4" mounting bracket).
  • Remember the easiest way is to use the Vieweet monopod included in your kit.

The Vieweet monopod allows you to stabilize your iPhone when taking pictures.

  • Unfold the Vieweet monopod.
  • Turn until you hear a “click”.
  • The monopod is now locked and ready to use.
  • To close the monopod, turn the first section to unlock.
  • Collapse the 2 first sections and then the remaining sections.

Vieweet Software

Download the free Vieweet App available on the AppStore for your iPad and iPhone.

Direct link :

Download the free Vieweet App available on the PlayStore for your Android phone and tablet.

Direct link :

After launching Vieweet App, go to the sign up screen then enter your email address receive an email.
You will automatically receive an email with your account information.
Don’t forget to change the temporary password.

This type of panorama allows you to capture the whole field of view in all directions around yourself.

You, the photographer, choose a place from which you want the panorama to be taken.

If you’re inside a house, position yourself at the center of the room. When taking outdoor pictures, choose a nice, sunny spot.

Then start taking photos as follows…

Taking the 1st shot :
Hold your mobile as vertically as possible. Do not lean your mobile, keep it as steady and as vertical as possible. Remember that the better your first shot is taken, the best results you’ll get on the full 360° panorama.

Vertical and horizontal guides appear on the screen. When they turn to GREEN, it means the position is optimal.

A countdown from 3 to 1 starts and the Vieweet app automatically shoots the picture for you.

Taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shots:
You need to take 3 more shots to complete the full 360° panorama.

Keep your mobile on the same axis as you were when you took the 1st shot.
You’ll have to take your 3 additional shots by rotating 90° clockwise after each picture!
Click on the top right button to enable or disable the gyroscope help (iPhone only)

Stand steady on your feet and position your iPhone or Mobile device horizontally.
It’s exactly the same as taking a regular flat picture: press the button when you are ready.
The pano is immedialtely processed and ready for use.

Once your 180° Panos are done they are ready for use in the “My Panos” section of the main Menu.

Select the Panorama you want to use.
Click on the Action Button and click on Host the Panorama. Wait for the transfer to be completed and click again on the desired Panorama.

Now you have access to many options:
Send by email.
Get the Embed Code so you can add the Pano to your website.
Share on Facebook and Twitter

MyVieweet is a more professional way to deal with your virtual tours when your are connected with your tablets, mobiles and computers

You can easily take photos with Vieweet Lens or transfert your fisheye images, manage your panoramas and access to advanced virtual tour features
  • Creation and organization of your panoramas into Virtual Tours with music, live links,…
  • Publication on social networks, websites, portals or any platform.
  • Automatic conversion into a Youtube video.
  • Complete analytics system to monitor your audience.

And more

Download the Full User Manual (PDF)