Getting started with Vieweet

A guide to create virtual tours with Vieweet° App

An introduction to Vieweet°

This guide is structured into 3 parts:

Before capturing your virtual tour

  • Connecting your Ricoh camera to your smartphone
  • Minimum Theta firmware requirements
  • Taking good photos

Connect your Ricoh Camera to your smartphone

You need to connect your Theta camera to your smartphone (iOS or Android).

To connect your camera, follow the steps below:

  • Press the power button of the Theta camera, located on the side of the camera.
  • Press the wireless button, located below the power button to turn the wireless function on.
  • Go to wifi settings of your phone and select the connection that contains ‘THETA….’ in the network title.
  • Your wireless password can be found at the bottom of your Theta camera.

    Do not include the first 2 letters in your password
    (enter the 8 numbers only)

Minimum Theta firmware requirements

To get the best out of the Vieweet app, you would need to make sure that you have the latest firmware version on your camera.

If you would like to check your firmware, this can be done using the official Ricoh app or using a personal computer.

For official guidance from Ricoh, have a look at the following link:

Ricoh Theta - User Guide: Updating the Camera Firmware from RICOH THETA for Windows/Mac
Theta model
Minimum firmware
SC2 Biz

Can I still make 360° virtual tours even if I don't have a Ricoh camera?

The Vieweet° app has been designed with the Ricoh Theta camera in mind. However, if you have another 360° camera, you will be able to import the 360° images into the app.

Before uploading make sure that the image is a 360, in equirectangular format, with ratio of 2:1.

Please note: Vieweet° does not work with partial panorama images.

Take good photos

For the starting photo
We recommend turning the  back of the Theta camera (the side without the central button) towards the front door - this way, the virtual tour will start facing the door.

However, you’re also able to adjust the orientation of the first picture at the end of the tour creation. For all the other pictures the orientation will be automatically adjusted based on the links.

Remove the pan handle from the tripod (otherwise it will appear in the pictures).  For high ceiling properties, increase the height of the tripod.

Where to take pictures
If you are inside we recommend taking your pictures from the centre of the room.

For open-space rooms we recommend taking 2 pictures.

Remember to leave the room to not appear in the picture.

Make sure the lighting is good, if indoors, switch on the lights.

When taking the pictures outside choose a sunny spot.

Avoid losing connection with the camera
Put the camera in the middle of the room and walk away from the room keeping your phone in the direction of the camera - this will help you maintain the connection before taking the picture.

After taking the picture, move quickly to the Theta camera - this will help you to not lose the connection between the two devices and will also speed the image transferring process.

Setting up your virtual tour

  • Entering property details
  • Using the map
  • Reference code
  • Types of property

Entering the property details

Before starting capturing a new virtual tour you will be prompted to provide your location access.

Your address will be automatically populated, if it is incorrect, you can press the address link to open up a map and manually pick the correct address.

Using the map

To pick a different location on the map, tap anywhere you want the pin to be and it will change. 

The updated address will automatically be displayed in the address field at the top of the screen.

Reference code

If you have a reference code for the tour you can enter it here. You can use numbers or alphabetic characters for reference codes.

Types of property

Single or duplex property.

Single or multiple-storey flat. 

Non-residential property.

If your property doesn't fit in any of the above categories, you can add  a custom label.

Capturing and creating a tour

  • Vieweet studio
  • Labelling an image
  • Levels
  • Return links
  • Image list
  • My links

Vieweet° Studio

The studio is where you capture, label and link your virtual tours

The studio is made up of the following features:

A- Labels and levels
Select  a label for the image from a pre-populated list, or add your own custom label.
You can select the floor level by tapping here.

B- Your Links
View which images are linked not linked in incoming / outgoing directions.

C- Room list
A list of your previously captured images that you can jump into at any time. 

D- Finish tour
Exit the studio mode and in to the tour review, before the option to upload or save the tour.

Your first image

For the starting photo
When you start creating your virtual tour - If your camera is not connected, you will be prompted to connect to your Theta camera. A walkthrough is also provided in the app  to help guide you through the process of reconnecting your camera if needed.

If you do not wish to connect your camera, you are also able to import images from your camera photo album.

Once you have captured or selected an image, you will be prompted to label the property:

Labelling an image

You will always be prompted to label a property after capturing an image.

In order to find the right label, you have three options:

  • Select a room for the list
  • Search for a label
  • Add a custom label

    (when you add a custom label, it will only be stored with the current tour. It will not automatically be added to your labels for other tours)

How do I change an image label?

Tap on the image title (in the header) and the label list will appear, you are able to change it at any time during your tour creation process.

What happens if I have multiple images that need the same label?

The app will automatically number and label each property, requiring extra no manual input.

For example: If you select the Bedroom label on two different images, it will automatically be labelled as ‘Bedroom 1’ and ‘Bedroom 2’.


Tap on the Label name in the header and you will be prompted with the levels and room labels to change when needed. You can change the labels and levels at any point in the tour. 

Once you have labeled your image, you are prompted to create links.

These links serve as a ‘call-to-action’ that a tour viewer is able to press to navigate themselves around a tour.

How do I create a new link?

Tap and hold for 1 second  the area you want to link to be.

You will then be prompted to choose a destination (a new room or your existing rooms).

How do I reposition a link?

After creating a new link, you can tap anywhere on the screen to reposition it.  

You can reposition the link only before selecting a destination - if the destination is already chosen, you need to delete the link to create a new one.

Your second image

Return links
After you capture your second image, you will be prompted to add a return link to your image.

A return link is a connection back to your previous image. We have created return links to help you connect your tours both forwards and backwards.

How returns-link works: if you have created a link from the bedroom to the bathroom, the return link is from the hallway back to the kitchen.

Following this you will be able to continue creating a tour as you have done previously.

After your second image

Once you have captured and linked at least 2 images - you will be able to jump between your existing images if you wanted to revisit old images and add or amend your links.

Image list: adding links to an old image

Click on the image list icon (at the bottom left corner) and select the images where you want to add more link(s). 

Tap and hold for 1 second on the image to create the new link.

Your links

When you have completed a tour, you may want to double check if all your images are connected correctly.

Your Links is available during a tour, by taping on the icon in the top right corner. It allows you to see what image(s) may be missing a link.

All your images will be displayed in boxes that show you all the link connections among them.

Your links: missing a link

During your tour creation, if you see a red icon this means you are missing a link. Tap the icon and Your Links tab will be displayed.

If a link (or more) is missing the room icon(s) will appear in red - tap on the red icon to go to the studio screen for that specific image to create the missing link(s).

Reviewing and publishing your tour

  • Reviewing your tour
  • Change your tour title
  • Editing your tour
  • Saving as a draft

Reviewing your tour

Upon finishing in the Studio, you will reach the ‘review your tour’ screen. Over here, you have the the options to:

  • Edit your tour
  • Save as a draft
  • Upload tour

Editing your tour

You are able to edit specific images you have captured. You can do this by tapping and holding on the thumbnail of an image for 1 second.  You will be prompted with a list of options

Replace an image

You are able to replace an image, by capturing a new image with your camera or importing from your photo album. When you replace an image, the room label will stay the same. 

After replacing an image, you will be asked if you want to keep the existing links (in their original locations) or replace with new ones. Choosing to replace will delete all existing links.

Please note: links from other images will not be affected, but you may need to add return links if you have to replace them.

Edit links

Add or remove as many links as you would like within a chosen image. You can finish the tour, or continue capturing more images.

Select a starting point

You can set the angle at which you would like your virtual tour to start at, by moving left or right within the screen.

Tap Select Starting Point when done.

Make starting image

Tap and hold the image thumbnail that you would like to make the starting image. After you have chosen the Make starting image option, then you should see the flag symbol on the thumbnail.

This symbol means that this will be the first image for your virtual tour.

Delete room

Deleting a room will cause all related links to be deleted along with the chosen image. 

Please note: when you delete a room image, it is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Export an image

You are able to export an image to your photo album. This can be useful if you want to improve the brightness or contrast

Change your tour title

Tap on the title to change the name of your tour.

Saving as a draft

If you wish to upload your tour at a later time, you are able to save it as a draft. You are also able to edit, upload or delete your draft tours . 

Please note: If you delete a draft at any point before it is fully uploaded it cannot be recovered

What happens if I have multiple mages that need the same label?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you automatically recover the tour as it was stored in the local memory of your phone. However you have a way to recover the pictures and upload them again: 

If you have not deleted the images of your Theta camera, you can export your images from there, using the native Ricoh app and then import the images into Vieweet app. Alternatively, you can upload the pictures from the Theta camera into the platform using your computer.